I realized that the Worldwide Brand Team at Lenovo lacked a document outlining the application of the brand to sports venues (such as arenas, stadiums, and ballparks) and trackside signage for sponsored F1 events.
My responsibility was to spearhead the development of such a document. This toolkit will serve as a valuable resource for internal teams, external agencies, and vendors, providing guidance for creating branded assets across various applications.​​​​​​​
New and Adapted Logo Lockups
Each venue's unique LED ribbon and HD displays offer an effective platform to communicate a consistent brand message across stadiums and arenas. Through strategic placement across a venue, Lenovo's visual elements can be consistently applied to reinforce recognition, enhance engagement, and create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for fans and spectators.
Given that each space has unique display requirements, Lenovo's normal logo and lockup may not always fit while staying inside our stated guidelines and restrictions.
I created two new adaptations to represent the brand, along with respective positioning and sizing guidelines, for use between large and small applications and a wide range of partnerships.
'Dynamic' Smarter Gradient
The Lenovo brand utilizes custom freeform gradients that have been crafted using the brand palette to bring depth and dimension to all touchpoints. Sporting venues and racetracks are very fast-paced and visually competitive spaces that require a smarter gradient that is identifiable, adaptable and energetic.​​​​​​​

Dynamic was created from four colors on the Lenovo brand palette, portraying the brand's energy, optimism, and progress.
Select Applications

LED Ribbon, Carter-Finley Stadium, North Carolina State University

'Top Right Frame' Scoreboard, Carter-Finley Stadium, North Carolina State University

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