The High School Counselor Information Packet is an annual mailing that is produced and mailed by NC State's Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
The piece is distributed to high school counselors students, and typically details important information pertaining to the undergraduate admissions process, undergraduate academics and student involvement.
Due to COVID-19-related event cancellations and a necessary increase in digital communications, the High School Counselor Information Packet pivoted to a more digital delivery.
High School Counselor Information Packet PDF
The digital version of the information packet combines important counselor and student information and admissions deadlines, the 2020 First-Year Facts, and a University Communications-created informational brochure into one file that is sent to counselors on a counselor email list.
High School Counselor Information Packet Mailing
A small number of High School Counselor Packets were printed for physical mailing.
The mailing consisted of an informational brochure produced by University Communications, a copy of 2020 First-Year Facts, and a half-sheet that details several ways that counselors and their students are able to connect with the Undergraduate Admissions office as well as attend virtual information sessions. All of this is stuffed and mailed in a 10"x13" catalog envelope.

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