I launched a nerdy, personal side-project on Instagram in April of 2017: HighGravityMetal.

High Gravity Metal combines a love of heavy metal and a passion for craft beer. Listening to music, as well as food and tastes, are experiences that can elicit a myriad of physical and emotional responses, and give us flashbacks to specific people, places and feelings. 

I thought, "Why not pair music with beer to create an interesting listening or tasting experience?"

Instagram has been a great place for this type of project. The craft beer community is flourishing, and it has been a wonderful place to meet and connect with new people, virtually and in-person.
This is an ongoing learning experience. I've been able to flex my creativity, develop my photography and editing skills, learn more about branding, experiment with motion and animation, as well as learn the ins, outs, and frustrations of social media.

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